Family Dinner

“Great-Uncle Benson is coming all the way from the East Coast on a motorcycle,” Rachel’s mother announced. She held up a picture postcard from the Grand Canyon and squinted…to make sure she’d read correctly…”

“How can you have a family if you don’t have family dinner?” asks Great-Uncle Benson. Spunky ten-year-old Rachel figures out how to answer his question in a way that satisfies everyone.


The Horn Book Magazine: “A warm and humorous novel that upholds family values even as it skewers traditional conventions…a good book to suggest to children who enjoy the stories of Beverly Cleary and Johanna Hurwitz.”

Kirkus: “Cutler infuses her story with the same friendly domestic air that Patricia MacLachlan brings to her writing.”


West Virginia Children’s Book Award: Master Reading List 1994-95

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